Medical & Community Missions

Medical provider driven, coordinated and closely collaborating with regional health care teams. Delivering the right care that is needed, meanwhile uplifting and building communities.

Shaw OpCo community building projects will be centered around investing in communities and empowering members of communities to deliver sustainable health care models unique to their needs. Our consultants will work directly with members of communities to build health care centers side by side in conjunction with local talents and train local residents in delivering health care to their citizens. Shaw OpCo will partner with selective donors in completing these ventures. The vision of Shaw OpCo building communities is maintaining a sustainable operation utilizing the talents and resources in the communities to empower and enrich the communities in which we visit and work in.

Shaw OpCo will be designing green eco-friendly medical buildings and will work along side community locals to build these within specifically chosen communities without close access to medical care. Shaw OpCo alongside the representatives of the Countries' ministries of health will train local residents the basics of medical care and provide the supplies through our charity organization. Every 3 months, various teams will return to the clinics to provide support.

Through this effort we will also mentor young students and support the local community families by assisting with farming support to help achieve a sustainable community.

Shaw OpCo believes a healthy educated community given the tools will be self sustaining.


Mission trips are being planned for the following locations:

Honduras - Kenya - Cambodia - Jamaica - New Guinea - Belize

Shaw OpCo's Medical & Community Non-denominational Missions will work with each countries ministry of health and we will work along side local teams to provide needed dental and medical care in communities. There will be administrative and clinical needs, so not only will we need medical professionals but any interested persons are all welcome. Depending on the locations, specific requirements and limits to the teams will be identified. Countries may be added and removed depending on safety, climate or other concerns.

With these trips we will join in festivities and local celebrations of the countries as well as tour interesting and culturally instructive sites. These trips promise to not only give to the communities in areas of need, but to enrich each of us with valuable experiences of a life time.

These Non-denominational mission trips will also work with and support the communities by trade and skill training in identified areas of need utilizing available resources Eg. farming, carpentry, jewelry making , dress making etc.