Ocho Rios Coral Restoration & Community Building Trip

From May-24-2023 To May-30-2023

7 Days, 6 Nights

Availability for divers: 6
  • Max. Capacity: Six divers with/without partner.
  • Divers must be PADI (or equivalent) certified with greater than 30 dives to 60 feet or deeper.
  • Active PADI (or equivalent) certificate and copy of valid picture ID will be requested after booking. Failure to provide an active PADI (or equivalent) certificate and copy of valid picture ID within 72 hours of booking will result in cancellation of booking with refund minus 50%.

Packages (Adults only, airfare not included)

Diver Basic

Price: $1,964.00

50% down payment w/registration

50% 30 days prior to departure

Double occupancy Room & Board

3 meals

Transportation to diving

Diving contribution

NO activities

Diver Plus

Price: $2,188.00

50% down payment w/registration

50% 30 days prior to departure

Double occupancy Room & Board

3 meals

Transportation to diving

Diving contribution

All activities

(Non diver) partner basic

Price: $630.00

50% down payment w/registration

50% 30 days prior to departure

(Must accompany & share a room with the diver)

3 meals

Diving contribution

NO activities

Diver must register first

(Non diver) partner plus

Price: $950.00

50% down payment w/registration

50% 30 days prior to departure

(Must accompany & share a room with the diver)

3 meals

Diving contribution

All activities

Diver must register first

Ocho Rios Coral Restoration & Community building

This once in a lifetime, one of a kind coral restoration and community building mission trip located in the quite serene, beautiful White River fishing community of St Mary, Jamaica combines the skill of purpose driven volunteer PADI certified divers interested in environmental preservation and community building. These volunteer divers will swim to a depth up to 60 meters with a local fisherman after receiving training in coral restoration, handling, and planting. To contribute to environment sustainability, as a part of this fulfilling experience, the volunteers will give preplanned exciting and engaging educational programs to graduating high school students attending college as well as elementary students. Students will have the opportunity to compete for scholarships which will be awarded at the end of each program.

This unique experience offers volunteer divers the opportunity to see how their efforts impact the community through education and by contributing to the livelihood of fishermen and the subsequent growth of the economy of this small fishing community.

Jamaica offers many historic and ecotourism sites, which the divers will have the opportunity to visit when not diving.

Day 1

Arrive, Montego Bay, - Welcome Party - Pier One Dinner & Lyme

Day 2

AM: Diving.

PM: Nine Mile Tour & Dinner at Ms. Ts.

Nine Mile Tour – Located deep in the countryside of St Ann accessed by scenic winding tiny roads sits this very small village where the air is crisp and fresh, known as Nine Mile, the birthplace and final resting place of Robert Nesta Marley. Commonly known as Bob Marley, much of the inspiration for many of his well-known songs came from experiences in the rural village of Nine Mile where he spent the first 13 yrs of his life. A visit to Bob Marley home at Nine Mile includes a tour of the property from Rastafarian guides which includes renditions of Bob Marley songs, memorabilia and his famous “rock pillow” where he rested his head for inspiration as well as the infamous Marley mausoleum.

Day 3

AM: Diving.

PM: Dinner & party at Stush in the Bush.

Stush in the Bush ($$$) – Have you ever been entertained by Food? Enjoy the experience of the healthy certified organically grown and prepared GMO free, Gluten free, farm to table culinary delights on this 15 acres Zionites farm nestled in the cool hills of St Ann. Learn about the ancestral origins when plants were used primarily for medicinal value, and engage the senses with herbs, spices, fruits, birds, flowers and ornaments.

Day 4

OFF Day: Rafting on Rio Grande/Dinner, Lagoona Tour.

Rafting on the Martha Brae – The ultimate relaxing experience of rafting on the Martha Brae River while enjoying the allure of the beautifully luscious aromatic gardens is unforgettable. Located 20 miles from Montego Bay and 40 miles from Ocho Rios the Martha Brae rafting experience is located in the town of Falmouth. This 1-hour trip begins with boarding a bamboo 3-foot-long raft from a concrete pier under the supervision of a licensed dispatcher and captained by one of 85 licensed and experienced raft captains. You can’t miss this opportunity to experience this attraction that so many celebrities such as Chuck Norris, Dionne Warwick, Lennox Lewis, Spike Lee, Jane Seymour and the infamous Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash have enjoyed.

Luminous Lagoon Tour.

Luminous Lagoon – You don’t want to miss this natural phenomenon!! Known for its Glistening waters, the lagoon stretches along the marshlands of Trelawny to the town of Falmouth. Identified as the eminent point where the Martha Brae river meets the Caribbean sea, long after its significance in the sugar industry trade ended, it became known as the best place to observe and study the microorganisms called dinoflagellates which thrive in the layers where salt and fresh water combine and glow the brightest in shallow warm, water. This causes the sparkles in glistening effect seen at night from the glow of these microorganisms.

Day 5

OFF Day - Negril - Rick's cafe.

Day 6

AM: Diving.

PM: Fare well party.

Day 7

DEPART: Montego Bay

  1. Is a passport required for travel?

    Yes , all travelers to Jamaica must carry a valid passport.


    Jamaica Travel Advisory

    Visit Jamaica

  2. What is the Covid status in Jamaica?

    Due to the very fluid nature of the CDC and WHO recommendations and frequent changes please consult travel.state.gov ( see link) prior to travel. At the time of this print (August 2021) Jamaica was considered a Level 2 Category.


    Jamaica Travel Advisory

    Visit Jamaica

  3. What are the requirements of the government for incoming visitors?

    For up-to-date travel and preparation information, please see link visitjamaica.com. The diving site and hotel adhere to strict sanitizing and social distancing protocols, mask wearing is mandatory in all close and public socializing events.


    Jamaica Travel Advisory

  4. Is there need for quarantine?

    Without vaccination there is a need for quarantine, please review visitjamaica.com

  5. What are the requirements of the divers to participate?

    All divers must have a current active PADI certificate. This must be provided on registration and on the first day of diving. Only experienced divers are allowed due to the needs to be able to sustain buoyancy for an extended period of time and as there will be no available diver supervision. All diver participants must have a minimum of 30 dives recorded and reported to a depth of greater than 60 meters. This is to ensure everyone’s safety and successful coral handling.

  6. Will transportation be provided?

    Yes, transportation to and from the Sangster International airport in Montego Bay will be provided and for all travel needs related to this program and its activities. Personal ventures and activities are the responsibility of each attendee.

  7. Are there medical facilities and doctors nearby?

    There are doctors nearby. A hospital is located within 10 miles and a decompression chamber within 25 miles. We would engage a doctor to be on call when the tour is occurring as well as an on-call ambulance.

  8. What about health and travel insurance?

    It is recommended that you carry travel insurance from your country of origin as well as heath insurance. Included in either or both of these should be coverage for emergency extraction by air ambulance from the country in the event of a catastrophic events. The program can make suggestions if needed. Failure to obtain personal coverage will result in you being 100% responsible for any healthcare needs that could arise.

  9. Is there an age limit?

    Yes, the age limits are older than 18 and younger than 70 years old.

  10. Do I need a medical clearance exam? Are there any disease exclusions?

    Yes, All volunteers are required to provide a medical clearance certificate (letter) from their local physician prior to registration. This will need to be provided prior to travel. Anyone with long haulers disease from Covid-19, chronic respiratory conditions (Asthma, COPD/Emphysema, etc), prior strokes, acute heart disease and/or heart failure or requiring dialysis for kidney disease are excluded from volunteering. Anyone with chronic or recurring sinusitis, dizziness and/or ear problems must get clearance from their physicians specifically for required treatment prior to arrival and during program.

  11. What is the currency?

    The Jamaican dollar. The exchange rate changes daily, money conversion is best done at a Jamaican bank for the best rates. A small amount of currency can be changed at the airport if needed on arrival.

  12. Is tipping allowed and how much is recommended?

    Tipping is usually based on merit, however it is suggested to be at least 20%.

  13. Is there training on how to work with the coral?


  14. Is there a Marine biologist involved?


  15. How do we know that all the funds are going to the needs?

    Full costing of expenses and use funds have been shared with SOCC and are available on request.

  16. Is the Jamaican NGO legitimate?

    WRMA is a registered non for profit with Companies office of Jamaica as well as registered with: The Department of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS), an agency within the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and fisheries.

  17. Do I need active current PADI certificate?


  18. How is security assured?

    Although we can't assure security. The White River Fishing community is a small community, and the program organizers know most persons, and so we feel that your safety and welfare are not a problem. However, we cannot take responsibility or assure you that nothing can happen and implore the use of common sense in all activities and suggest storing personal belongings safely. It is not recommended to wear jewelry while scuba diving.

  19. What is the crime rate and concern on the island?

    As with any country, there will be designated areas not recommended to visit due to crime. The locations of the dive site and The Blue House as well as planned activities are all within familiar safe areas but safety cannot always be guaranteed. Common sense must be practiced at all times. The organizations (SOCC, WRMA, WRFS) are not responsible for any incidents that may occur. Any activities outside of the designated arrangements of this trip are the responsibility of the individual volunteer traveler.

  20. Is smoking ganja or marijuana allowed?

    Due to the intricate serious nature of the diving requirements and the risks inherent in diving, all use of any elicit or mind-altering substances (including alcohol) are strictly prohibited. The organizations and program will not be responsible for any accidents arising as a result of diving under the influence. The program depends on the honor system and integrity of its diver volunteers to be responsible for this obligation. Anyone appearing intoxicated or under the influence will not be allowed to dive with the group nor assist in the educational activities. There will be no refunds for missed diving or planned activities as a result of your personal choices to use mind-altering substances.

  21. In the event of a hurricane prior to the program, will I get a refund?

    In the event of a Hurricane/Tropical Storm, if the program is postponed, all monies will be credited to be used within 365 days to one of our 4 scheduled trips to Jamaica.

  22. In the event of a hurricane during the program, how will that be handled?

    We hope to prevent this. Weather will be monitored prior to any planned trips and scheduled trips will be cancelled within 14 days if a hurricane/tropical storm is brewing on the forecast. There will be no diving at this time, and usual precautions on the island will be in place including planned usual tourist protection measures. Volunteers will usually be prohibited from leaving the island at this time. If airlines are flying, should you decide to leave the program and island, that will be your responsibility.

  23. What Scuba equipment do I need to bring?

    You can bring your own equipment if you prefer. Equipment will be available for renting (please advise ahead of time of your size and need to rent to assure availability). Dive tanks will be provided on site.

  24. Are children allowed?

    No children are allowed, there is no accommodation for children on this program.

  25. What if I don’t want to stay the entire time?

    The success of the program is dependent on a full capacity of volunteers. However, if you chose to leave the program mid-way, there will be no refund nor prorating of funds.

  26. What if I do not want to be involved with the educational program?

    Although a part of the program, being involved in the educational activity is the choice of the volunteer divers. If you choose not to be involved, we ask that you make the organizers aware prior to coming so that a substitute for the educational program can be arranged. The educational activities are a key part of the community building and ensuring a sustainable future and change.

  27. Do I need to donate money even if I come on the tour?

    Donation is not mandatory but is welcome. Included in every diver’s package is a ‘diving contribution’ that is 100% donated to the White River Fish Sanctuary. Individual donations and sponsorship donations are part of SOCC fundraising obligations.

  28. What if I want to do other activities/excursions?

    You are welcome to do anything you wish outside of the obligation of participating in the morning dives. If, however you have already paid for activities as a part of your package, those funds will not be refunded.

  29. Is there a preferred airport to fly into?

    There are 2 major airports on the island. The preferred, due to proximity, is the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Arrival and departure transportation arrangements to & from The Blue House are included in your paid package. Arrival to and departure from Normal Manley International airport in Kingston will be your responsibility.

  30. Is there a preferred airline?

    All major Airlines fly to Jamaica. Some airlines fly directly from a few major cities (Houston, Atlanta, NYC, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando). There is, however, no preferred airline for the program. The airlines with the most frequent flights from the USA to Jamaica are Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Spirit, and Jet Blue.

  31. Is there expectation for cultural competence training?

    YES, cultural competence training prior to arrival will be provided and acknowledgement of reviewing will be required. Our organizations respect differences in cultures, and it is expected that all volunteer travelers will do the same.

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